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Perfect U Professional Cosmaceutical Products


At Perfect U, we only bring you the best most nutritive, natural ingredients incorporated into the best formulations to provide the most beneficial effects to the skin.  Allow us to do an evaluation on your skin, to determine the best system for you.  The Perfect U product line accommodates all skin types and conditions.


Complete Line of Make Up

The Perfect U make-up line is made from botanical formulations of herbal extracts, and is vitamin enriched.  In addition, our make-up is a multi-mineral complex with sunscreen.  Products have color coding technology to adjust to your exact skin tone.  Medical grade anti-aging ingredients and water based emulsions are why Perfect U products are the highest quality products on the market.  From BB and CC Creams to lipstick, Perfect U's professional line of make-up gives you the flawless look you desire.  


Book a color consultation to refresh you're look and feel younger.


No artificial dyes or fragrances | No animal testing


Skin Care

Our line of cosmaceutical products are one step below prescription.  The strongest ingredients provide the fastest and best results.  One step we can not speak highly enough about in a Perfect U skin care routine are bovine stem cells from Paris.  They are powerful and effective, yet 100% natural, FDA approved, chemical and preservative free.  See how stem cells can transform, rejuvenate and enhance your skin.   You'll see an amazing difference in your skin with regular facials and a custom Perfect U skin care system including stem cells.

Age reversing | Pore diminishing | Skin Repairing | Scar Smoothing | Ace Terminating

Blackheads Vanishing | Luminous Glowing | Hydration Replenishing 


Hair Care

Our naturally derived, hair care products will treat your hair gently, and is the first step toward great hair.  In the salon, we use organic color and feed the hair follicle with vitamin rich protein treatments. 

  Perfect U, Inc. | Salon for Hair, Skin & Body in Apollo

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