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Deborah Lamari, Owner, Aesthetician 

Deborah Lamari Is a PA State teachers license, as well as a Masters in Cosmetology and Aesthetics, and is continuously training and adding to her certifications.  She is a DNA Practitioner, as well as a RF, Ultrasound, and Holistic Light Therapy Technician.  Deborah studied in Paris, France where she learned of the use of Bovine Stem Cells, and their amazing and unique anti-aging abilities. 


She also worked as a stylist while in Paris, where her appointment calendar was always over booked due to the Parisian woman wanting the blonde colors that she blended.  At Perfect U and Perfect U2 Deborah brings all of her knowledge of skin, body and hair, such as anti-aging and skin repair techniques to Western Pennsylvania at a price that’s a affordable to real woman like you.


Perfect U Philosophy


You are why we do what we do. Providing you with the best possible experience every time you walk through our doors is our primary focus. Because of you, we seek out the most cutting edge products, services, technology, equipment and training. You have chosen to entrust us with your beauty and wellness and we take that trust very seriously.  We work with confidence because of our passion for excellence and extensive education.



Perfect U Mission


At Perfect U we are:

  • Devoted to your Style and well-being

  • Consistent in our quality of service

  • Responsive to each guest’s specific needs

  • Understanding and considerate

  • Passionate about our art

  • Honest and respectful in our conduct

  • Committed to education

  Perfect U, Inc. | Salon for Hair, Skin & Body in Apollo

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